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Hello Golf Freaks…


Swing Like A Pro Today is a site where golf freaks like me can come to one place for information on improving there golf game. I started this site because I could never find one spot to go on the net where I could cruz around and look at tips and tricks to improve my game.

You will also find various banners on the site where you can go to buy equipment, training aids, and videos to help in lowering your handicap. On the right sidebar you can find various categories that will take you to videos or articles on that topic. Below the categories you will find ads on e-books that are designed to help your game as well.

Please feel free to leave me comments, I am constantly tweaking this site to make it better. I am also working with certain vendors to get links on the site so you can go directly to there site and look and there products and gather info before you go out and make the purchase, in fact you will also be able to buy that product directly from them so you don’t even have to leave your house.

Thank you so much for visiting, I hope you keep coming back. Again, this site is a work in progress, thank you for your patients.


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  1. Rick says:

    Hello Swing Dr.

    I just fond your site, and had a chance to navigate around for awhile…There is alot of content on here to improve your golf swing. I also like the links to improve your golf game as well. Like alot of us out there we would love to become a great putter it would shave about 5 strokes a round of my score at least.

    The section on how to become a great bunker player is a god send…to be able to get up and down from out of a sand trap would be unbelievable…anyways great site…I’ll be back soon…


    • The Swing Doctor says:

      Thank you Rick for the complment, I am trying to put great articles and content on here to help all levels of golfers…I hope to see you back soon….Thanks

      aka The swing Doctor….

  2. Rick G. says:

    This site is great for any golf nutlike me, plus I used the link to to purchase a Brother all-in-one inkjet printer at a great price.

    I’ll be back-

    • The Swing Doctor says:

      Thank you for the visit…Amozon is an awesome site…did you no they carry everything for golf you can possibly amagine….

      Thank you…

      The Swing Doctor

  3. Babies says:

    Do you mind repost this to one of my websites on this subject? I’ll link back to the original, of course. Let me know by email what you think. 🙂

    • The Swing Doctor says:

      Thank you for the visit….it takes awhile for your blog to get going, but if you work at it, it will explode…I get 25,000 visits a month now….good luck and keep at it…

      The Swing Doctor….

  4. This is the hotest site I saw on my new Ipad 2. I’m bookmarking for nostalga.

    • The Swing Doctor says:

      I understand we are all trying to drive traffic to our blogs or offers, however spamming my blog is not cool…please back link to relevant sites….thank you.

  5. I permanently wanted to write on my site something like that. but I dont know how to start , I am so lucky found your blog site.2

    • The Swing Doctor says:

      Thank you for the visit….your comment is a little on the spammy side….its amazing, if you just read the article and actually comment on it….how much more links you would be able to get….

      The Swing Doctor….

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