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A golf slice is one of the ugliest and weakest shots in golf and over 80% of all amateur golfers hit one! In fact, the slice is so evil, that golfers can’t cure it no matter how hard they try. I have heard horror stories of golfers taking lessons, buying anti-slice clubs and still hitting the banana ball.

Are you a victim of disease? Have you tried to fix your golf slice but with no success? Hitting more balls isn’t the answer. That only ingrains more bad muscle memory. There are several causes of a golf slice, and using a training aid may be the one of the approaches that will cure this dreaded swing fault.

The slice is caused by a your clubface coming across your ball at impact. Swiping it…instead of hitting directly behind the back of the ball. This causes a side spin on the ball that promotes a slice. Whether you are right-handed or left-handed. Hitting from the inside is something you might want to try to accomplish, since it is a 180 degree change from coming over the top.

The basic move a slicer makes is coming “over-the-top” with the upper body before the lower body clears. This action causes an outside to in swing path, and the result is a side spin that creates the slice. It comes from that “hit impulse”, which causes you to get ahead of the ball and your lower body at impact.

There are several training aids on the market that can help you correct this move and fix your golf slice forever! Yes…not all training aids are a waste of money!

These training aids drill into your brain the correct move and the repeatable muscle memory to do it over and over again. Once your body feels the right way to do it, you will know how to correct it quickly when it happens again during play.

Another quick fix for your golf slice is your grip. Strengthening your left hand (for a right-handed) golfer will close the clubface at impact, instead of it being closed. The only issue here is if you still have that over the top move and your clubface is closed at impact, it will be a big pull.

Also, focusing on maintaining your exact spine angle and rotating around it will give you a good chance at solid ball contact. Rotating your upper body around a fixed spine angle (like a rotissery ) will keep you from coming over the top.

The slice can be a very frustrating ball flight to watch, but with a concerted effort and the right training aid, you will successfully fix your golf slice!

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