How To Drive A Golf Ball Farther More Consistently

The driver can be without a doubt the most difficult club in the bag to hit. The reason for this is because it is longer and even the slightest swing flaw can put the wrong kind of spin on the ball resulting in either a slice or a hook. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when learning how to hit this club.

Tip 1: Maintain balance

Balance is critical in the golf swing because a balanced golf swing is usually much more accurate and on plane than an unbalanced one. One of the keys to staying balanced is to swing within yourself. You need to know your limits and then swing with control. Remember that it is not necessary to swing hard in order to hit the golf ball far.

Distance comes from making good contact and also from launching the ball at the correct launch angle and putting the right kind of spin on the ball. The formula for hitting a monster drive in the fairway can be rather complex but it is not impossible to accomplish.

Tip 2: Use proper equipment

The driver you choose should be based on your current swing speed. If your club head speed is under 100 mph then you need to choose a driver that has a regular flex and has loft greater than 10 degrees. If your club head speed is over 100 mph then a club with a stiff flex and loft lower than 9 degrees would be appropriate.

Tip 3: Build your wrist muscles

The wrist muscles play a vital role in swinging a golf club. Many tour players that look really skinny still have very powerful wrist muscles. This helps them to control the club and generate great club head speed. One way to build wrist muscles is to do wrist curls. Simply take some dumbbells and hold them to your side while standing and then move your wrists up and then down slowly. Make sure you feel your wrist muscles working and do not get other muscles involved in lifting the weights.

Tip 4: Practice

I hate to say this but there is no magic cure to hitting drives far and straight overnight, at least none that I have come across yet. The fact is that you will have to put the time and commitment necessary to learn the golf swing. This does not mean that you have to beat 500 golf balls a day. Rather hitting even a small bucket with focus and purpose on every shot can be effective done 3 to 5 times a week.

Focus on quality rather than quantity during your practice sessions. We all lead busy lives and most of us simply cannot commit massive amounts of time and energy to just golf so make sure you practice smart rather than hard.

Tip 5: Use leverage more effectively

There are a lot of tour pros that hit the golf ball a mile but they look really thin. Usually we would think that it is the big muscular guys that hit the ball far however in golf, leverage is the ticket to hitting the ball farther. Leverage is the angle created between the left hand and the club shaft on the downswing just before impact. You want this angle to be as small as possible so that the stored energy is released at the last moment and is transferred to the ball.

One way to create more leverage effortlessly is to think of the club as a whip and feel yourself whipping the golf club through the hitting zone. Also try to avoid getting your right hand involved in the down swing if you are a right handed player since this tends to result in casting the club or releasing the leverage angle too early, instead feel yourself pulling the club with your left hand through the downswing. Use some of these golf driving tips to help you hit the golf ball farther and straighter.

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