Simple Tips for Correcting Your Golf Slice

Does your golf shot have more curve to it than a boomerang being thrown? Are you sick of spending more time in the woods than most animals? If so, then it’s time for the golf slice doctor to give you some medicine to finally heal that ugly golf slice .

Slicing the golf ball, which for a right handed player means the ball moves from the left to the right as it flies through the air or just the opposite for a left handed golfer is the most common mistake or swing flaw made by amateur golfers throughout the history of the game. The main reason for the golf slice being so popular is that the slice is the final product of most amateurs trying to accomplish something else with the golf ball; such as trying to hit the ball in the air, but going about their goal all wrong. The end result is the dreaded golf slice. The golf swing is a dependently intertwined motion very similar to a line of dominos collapsing. The entire golf swing is one big connected machine, where one movement is directly tied to the other. This chain reaction can work out for the good with proper practice, but for most of us it ends up in lost balls, lost money, and lost fun. So let us now get to the bottom of why you are hitting your slice so we can fix that slice permanently.

There are two main reasons that cause the golf ball to slice. First is hitting the golf ball with the club face being open, and second is cutting across the ball from the outside moving in. These two faults are at the very end of the chain reaction which is the golf swing, but not necessarily what you should be directly focused on fixing. When fixing something within anyone’s golf swing, you can’t just focus on the final club face impact on the golf ball, although that is important to begin to understand what you are doing wrong. For instance, saying that you are going to focus on not opening the club face at impact will not work in trying to fix your golf slice. You must actually focus on something that you are doing wrong multiple steps back in the chain reaction of the golf swing and let that fix then net your new result. Now let’s try to figure out what some of the things may be that are causing you to hit that dreaded golf slice.

Most amateurs hit their slice because of or a combination of four main swing faults. The first major swing fault committed by beginners which causes a golf slice is that in attempting to get the golf ball airborne they try to scoop it up off the ground rather than hitting down on the ball and letting the golf club’s loft do the work. Contrary to many golfers beliefs, the golf ball should always be struck while the club head is still in it’s downward motion. The majority of golfers are not aware of this, but the divot of Tiger Woods actually starts after the golf ball has been struck.

The second biggest swing fault which causes most people to slice the golf ball is that in their attempt to hit the ball far they end up lunging at the golf ball moving their head forward and ahead of the ball at impact which causes the club face to be left open. If you will just stand over a golf ball and address it with your head well in front of the golf ball, you will see how this will jam you up at impact and force the golf ball to start and continue right.

The third most common reason that people slice the golf ball is that their grip is too weak. What this means is that the lines which are created by your index finger and thumb on both hands points towards your chin. To understand the logic behind this you need to understand that your hands have neutral positions. Now check this out to see what I am talking about. Stand up straight and let your hands fall to your side naturally. What you are now seeing is that naturally the top side of your hands basically face forward. Next, go ahead and turn your hands to the left or right and while turned let them relax once more. What you will see is that as soon as they are relaxed they return to that same natural or neutral position again. This is why when your grip is weak (your left hand is turned more left and your right hand is turned more left), you hit the ball with an open club face. Naturally in those positions your hands will want to open the face through the swing.

Lastly, the final major cause of most people’s golf slice is that they are swinging the club from the outside to the inside. To explain this outside movement in phrases that I have been using, it means that your swing path is taking the golf club out and away from your body on the backswing and then coming from the out towards your body on the downswing which will cut across the ball causing a golf slice.

Now since we have already made the root causes of your golf slice evident, let’s go ahead and lay out some ways to finally fix that slice forever.

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