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You do not have to look past the PGA, LPGA or Champions Tours to see there is not one conventional way to take your golf grip on a golf club. The tours have all types of grips from an overlap golf grips to interlocking golf grips to ten finger golf grips and even cross-handed grips. Ben Hogan outlined his thoughts about the grip in his classic book, The Modern Fundamentals. Your proper golf grip should feel comfortable to you. However, there are fundamentals for your proper golf grip. By simply clapping your hands together you can easily test your golf grip fundamentals. Here is how you do it.

When you are ready, allow your arms to hang naturally. Now take your regular golf stance without a golf club. Since your do not have a club to grip, stand with your palms flat together. Notice how the palms of your hands are parallel. Now that you are in you proper set up with your palms being parallel to each another, this results in a good golf grip fundamental. If your hands are not parallel to each other, your hands with fight against each other trying to get back to impact. With your palms of your hands being parallel to each other, your hands will now work together as one unit.

Now, take your golf grip on your golf club. Straighten out your fingers while still holding the club in your hand and open your palms just wide enough to reveal if your palms are parallel. If your palms are parallel, then you have this grip fundamental conquered. If your palms are not parallel to each other, you need to work your hands around on your club until your palms are parallel. Now retake your golf grip. You need to realize that this new feeling should be your new grip.

The palm of your right hand as well as backside of your left hand will be facing your target if you choose to assume a neutral grip. A higher handicap player typically needs to use a stronger grip to release the golf club. For a stronger grip, the back of your left hand would be tilted towards the sky with the palms still parallel.

This article about your golf grip gives you a quick way to test a fundamental part of your proper grip. Once you are able to insure that your grip includes that your palms are parallel to each other, you should be lowering your scores soon. Your golf handicap will be falling as a result as well.

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