How Important Is Golf Swing Instruction

Golf swing instruction can make or break your golf swing. From the wrong source, it can ruin your golf swing. From the right source, it can transform it.

On the net, everyone thinks they are a golf pro. Just visit a golf forum, and you’ll see everyone and their brother giving out tips. You need to be careful…these golfers are probably 25 handicaps themselves.

When you’re considering golf instruction whether it be one on one with a teaching pro, or maybe a golf instruction dvd, you’ve got to do a little research on the credibility of this instructor.

It’s not too difficult to get a few references from people you know, or people who have worked with this person. If they are selling a dvd on the net, check their site out thoroughly. Are they certified? If so, what governing body is it? The PGA. USGTF. Or maybe the PGTAA certification.

If they are certified, what is their experience? Have they been a professional in the field for long? Hopefully atleast 5 years teaching golfers.

Then find out their teaching philosophy. Is it somewhat conventional? Does it make sense to you? Or, does he/she have some “new” method you’ve never heard of before?

Secondly, are they going to redo your swing, or help you get back on the course quickly? I would run if they say “this is going to take a while, and don’t expect results for many sessions”.

I have heard horror stories of golfers spending hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on lessons, and never seeing any improvement in their golf swing or game. They have “been taken” for their money, and those so-called teaching pros should be held accountable for the money they took from these golfers.

More times than not, you only need a few adjustments to your current golf swing to really see a difference on the course. Maybe it’s your grip. Alignment. Posture. Or your initial take-away. Either way, you should se a noticable difference in just a few lessons.

A swing fault can be a simple fix, but you will need to do a little practice or drills outside of your golf lessons to really see it stick. Like anything, you’ve got to put some work in to see something out of it.

Instruction specific to your golf swing can make a huge difference, so take all of the above into consideration before spending any of your hard-earned money.

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