First Night Of The 2011 “OAKS” Golf League

Hello to all you golfers out there,

Last night, (May 16 2011) was the first night of my Monday golf league, at the “Oaks” country club in Cottage Grove, WI. It wouldn’t be spring in Wisconsin without 45 degree temps and 25-30 mile an hour wind gusts, ahhhhh don’t you love spring in Wisconsin.

The night went well, we got to work on different golf shots that you not normally get to hit. It was a two club wind so I was hitting a 6 or 7 iron from 150 yard to give you perspective of what a crazy night it was. The Oaks is set up mostly from east to west and last night the wind was ripping from the west northwest so the 4 holes going out on the back nine were right into the tee of it.

Par on the back nine is 35 there are 3 par 3’s on the back. One of our opponets shot a 1 over 36 in that wind. It made me feel great to see that, I am 38 years old and that gentlemen that shot that round was 63 years old, his partner a 61 year old man shot 39. I hope I shoot that well when I hit those golden years. What did I shoot, you are asking, I shot a respectable 42, I did not hit the driver very well and it cost me. My partner who is 49, shot a 44, so all and all it was a good night. The first two weeks of our league is to establish our handicaps, so we would not want to shoot to good, would we……lol

Thank you for reading, I would love to hear your golf league stories,

talk to you all soon…


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