What is the Magic in Lee Trevino’s Golf Swing?

Lee Trevino Golf Swing

Lee Trevino Golf

Lee Trevino is a self made man as far as his golf career is concerned. During his golf career, he won 29 times on the PGA Tour, including 6 majors.  Trevino won the money list title in 1970, had ten wins in 1971 and 1972.  He also won Sports Illustrated magazine’s “Sportsman of the Year” and was named ABC’s Wide World of Sports Athlete of the Year.

Lee Trevino understands the golf swing at a deep level. One thing he knows very well is what happens to the golf ball at impact. He discovered at an early age you have to hit down on the ball to hit it solidly.

Lee Trevino says the secret to hitting sold golf shots is to imagine the club face as being the back of your left hand while you swing. As he approaches impact Lee imagines “trapping” the back of his left hand against the back of the ball. This is such a powerful golf move because it allows you to retain the lag deep into your downswing.

So what happens to the golf ball at impact when it is hit properly? As you hit down on the ball at impact the ball rolls up the club face to the top grooves. This is what creates spin. How do you think pro golfers spin the ball back on the green? They are using more of the grooves on the club face than amateurs. Golfers who flip the club face at impact in a futile attemp to make the ball go up are only using the bottom grooves on the club face. The result; a weak, flat trajectory with little spin. Their left wrist has completely broken down at impact.

This bowed left wrist is the exact opposite of amatuer golfers who flip at the ball. This wrist action encourages a late powerful release into the golf ball The secret to tremendous power off the tee. Next time you go to the range, think “Back of Left Wrist Into Back of Ball” as you swing down into the ball. This mental image forces you to swing from the inside and retain the lag deep into your downswing. You will notice your golf ball has a much more flatter, penetrating ball flight. Your golf ball will have a higher trajectory and it will go a lot further.

This is Lee Trevino’s Golf Swing Secret

Hit ’em Long and Straight!

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