Womens Complete

DISCOUNT LINK WWW.AMAZON.COM Golf Womens Complete This Ladies X3 Full Set has everything you need to hit the course. Set features all Oversized Clubs, including 460cc Titanium Driver, Titanium 3 Wood, 25 Degree Hybrid, Oversized Irons 7,8,9,PW and an Insert Face 2-Ball Putter. This set features the latest golf technology with a lowered club center of gravity that makes it super easy to get the ball up in the air and you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to hit the ball long and on target with this set. The ultra light graphite shafts make your swing feel almost effortless. The Huge Titanium Driver really takes the fear out of the tee shot, while the hybrid woods make hitting even from a difficult lie so easy. The Wide Sole irons all you to be accurate and make it simple to always get solid contact and avoid topping the ball, and the insert face alignment aid putter gives you the confidence and feel you need on the greens to sink putts. The light weight bag has an automatic stand and dual shoulder straps, and is perfect for walking or taking a cart on the course. This set will improve your game, and make golf even more enjoyable. This is one amazing playing and looking set.

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