How To Hit Long Golf Drives – With Effortless Ease

The long golf drive is surely the envy of most amateur golfers, and those new to the sport. It is no coincidence that the first club you hit when you start your round of golf is the driver. Most golf courses start with a par 4, so you are most likely going to need to hit your driver off the tee.

Hitting long tee shots is not a result of trying to knock the cover off the ball with your driver. They occur as a result of correct swing tempo and timing.

If you want to know how to hit long, consistent drives off the tee, look at how the top golf pros do it, and do the same yourself. You don’t often see them trying to flay the ball. Just the opposite, in fact, they swing the driver gracefully in a smooth and seemingly effortless swing.

Here is how you can hit your golf drives further.

1. Use a slightly shorter grip than usual, that is choke down on the club grip by a couple of inches. This will give you greater control of the shot and you will hit the ball straighter as a result.

2. Try a three quarter length swing. This seems to go against the tendency for golfers to think that the longer the backswing, the further you will hit your drive.

3. The power from this shortened swing comes from the club head speed you generate as you enter the impact zone. If you can avoid unwinding your wrists until they are about waist height on the downswing, then whip the hands through the ball, you will be surprised how far and straight your drives will go.

Take these tips with you next time you play a round of golf, and surprise yourself, and your playing partners, how far you can hit the ball off the tee.

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