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Isn’t what you’re looking for a consistent, reliable golf swing that you can count on at that first tee when everyone’s watching? People spend millions of dollars each year purchasing equipment and gadgets that promise them the perfect swing, when really they should be concentrating on the simple science behind a great golf swing.

The fundamentals of the golf swing are based on scientific facts such as center of gravity, power, thrust, consistency triangle and more.

If you take the tour players and break their swings down to the fundamentals; (like what happens at address, back swing, impact, and follow through), about 95 percent of what they’re doing is the same. Their swings look different, because each player’s swing has its own personality. But, fundamentally, their swings are very similar. They have to be, or they wouldn’t be playing on the tour.

We’ve taken the golf-swing fundamentals and made them easy to understand, without the technical mumbo jumbo.

Being a consistent ball striker or increasing your consistency on the golf course really begins with an understanding of the geometry of the golf swing and how to control it. I believe the golf swing is simple geometry and physics. Understanding this geometry and how the physics of the swinging motion tries to alter it is the key to becoming a consistent ball striker.

I was always taught that the triangle running across your chest to shoulders and down your arms to the grip of the golf club was the triangle you had to maintain in order to create or maintain consistency in your ball striking. What I’ve discovered through the Center of Gravity golf method is this described triangle does NOT control consistency in ball striking and actually impedes the natural flow of the golf swing by trying to consciously control it. The real consistency triangle you must maintain throughout the swinging process runs from your Center of Gravity, (Use your shirt button as a reference point), to the knuckles of your big toes, (where the bunions grow) and back to the golf ball. This triangle formed at the address position must be maintained through the impact position in order to create a consistent bottom or impact point to your swing. When your target hand is allowed to be the boss of the golf club, the bottom of your swing will always be where your center of gravity is.

You’re looking for results, and we’re going to put you on the right track to getting them. Incorporating these ideas into your swing easy but it will take time and practice. But as long as you’re working on the fundamentals, you’ll be working toward developing a consistently great golf swing.

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