Callaway Eclipse Hitting Net

DISCOUNT LINK WWW.AMAZON.COM Golf Callaway Eclipse Hitting Net Practice your golf swing indoors or out with the Callaway Eclipse hitting net. The Eclipse sets up easily, with a pop-up design that opens and closes in seconds. More importantly, the super-strong netting makes it a breeze to retrieve your ball. Each time you swing, the net catches the ball and rolls it back to your feet. As a result, you can spend your time hitting the ball rather than retrieving it. Finally, the Eclipse net is extremely portable, with a nylon carrying bag for easy transport. The net measures 7 by 6 by 5 feet (W x H x D). About Callaway Golf Just like you, Callaway Golf is always looking to raise its game. The company’s drivers are designed and built to help you improve distance and accuracy and optimize shot shape to suit your game. With irons, Callaway’s performance goals center on feel and consistency, along with getting the ball airborne from any lie, in any conditions. Based in Carlsbad, California, Callaway offers a wide range of products, each with advanced technology and a variety of options suited to every type of player. From clubs to golf balls and accessories, Callaway performs countless tests to ensure that each product it offers is an improvement on those that preceded it. Ely Callaway believed in helping golfers of all skill levels find more enjoyment and success in the game, and Callaway carries on that tradition with a passion for the game and a mission of helping you and

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