How you Can Improve your Golf Swing

How do I improve my golf swing? This has got to be the number 1 question on the lips of a large percentage of amateur golfers. Well, there’s one simply way to approach it.

Golf swing improvement can only begin once you know how the golf swing works – you need to know the why as well as the what to do.

The reason for this is explained in the following example:

You have been given a golf swing tip (this might be from a friend, a pro or even have seen it in a golf swing magazine). You use this tip the next time you go out to play a round of golf.

What happens… this tip might suddenly give you a great improvement in your swing consistency, it might have you knocking the flags down and peppering the holes. You think ‘great I’ve finally susssed this game’. Does this sound familiar? If it does then I’m with you all the way as I’ve been there.

What happens next? You feel all cocky and think I’ve got this game mastered. You see a magazine with the tag line ‘Improve Golf Swing‘ and you think ‘I don’t need that anymore I’ve got my swing sorted’!.

Next time you go out with your friends you’re feeling all confident and are ready to rip the course up!

But this time you hit a duff shot, then another, you start really analysing every move you make, you start doing slow practice swings to see what’s happening, you start to think really hard during your proper swing… and all of sudden you’re back to were you were before that great swing tip made your sudden transformation, it’s as if that great last round had never happened. I’m with you, as it’s happened to me before.

So how do we start to resolve this, how can we stop this cycle of boom and bust and really improve our golf swing?

The answer is in the first words you read on this page ‘golf swing improvement can only begin once you know how the golf swing works – you need to know the why as well as the how’. To truly benefit from golf swing instruction you must understand the WHY and HOW as well as the WHAT to do. If you understand HOW and WHY you are making a change to your swing then you are far more likely to stick with any advice you are given because you can test it against your own logic. I simple tip gives no supporting evidence that you can draw on when things don’t go so well.

Next time you are given a golf swing tip then ask WHY you are making a change and HOW it effects your swing – that way you will know whether you should stick with it.

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