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Arguably the greatest difference in style and design of club in golfers’ bags must be the golf putter and each, individual, golfer will have different requirements when it comes to finding the one that is perfect for their own method of play.

There, surely, can be no greater feeling of satisfaction to a golfer than to finally master the art of putting but it can be a long slow process, with many hours of practice before that conclusion is reached.

However a golfer that opts for a putter that matches how their game is played will improve the chances of their shot landing in the hole:

A well played putting stroke will be played when the golfer utilises a pendulum motion from the shoulder and causes the shoulder muscles, the upper back, chest, upper arms, forearms and wrists to work as one complete unit and allows the putter to swing back and forth with smooth controlled movements, without any sudden jerks or tics.

A golfer that has managed to perfect this manoeuvre will require a golf putter that produces greater accuracy and provides the golfer with increased ball control and would, probably, seek a conventional shaft, which produces the correct putting stance, with a traditional blade clubhead which gives greater feel of the ball.

A golfer that finds it difficult to control wrist movement, or suffers from the yips (described as an involuntary movement of the lower arms and wrists that can be brought on by nervous tension, even in professional golfers) may discover that a belly putter would be the ideal weapon in their putting arsenal. Whilst nearly maintaining the correct stance a belly putter restricts the movement of the wrists and lower arms by anchoring the putter to the … belly.

The long putter anchors to the chest creating a pendulum motion from the shoulders and removes any problems that a golfer may have with his wrist action. The broomstick putter, with which it is also known, can help to improve consistency of putt, but, will provide less   distance control and will lack the feel of a conventional putter.

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