3 Keys to Improve Putting By Having the Proper Putting Alignment (Ezine Ready)

Many recreational and professional golfers, struggle with their putting alignment.
A golfer often lines up putts from a different angles. So when they position themselves over the putt, the line of sight has changed.

Bad putting alignment can produce little and unwanted errors, the ones that you can be avoiding with a bit of clear thinking and persistence.

Here are 3 basic essential tips for proper golf putting alignment:


1. Use Lines Effectively

Utilize the lines on the putter to make sure that you get better alignment. A golf teacher will typically use the parallel tracks, with you standing on the one track and your club aiming down the other track. That is the best practice to make your alignment perfect because it helps you to maintain a better body stand.


Flow lines are something you must have heard of. It is when referring to the importance of having your body parallel left to your aim line. In maintaining a flow line, you should arrange yourself in a line from the ground upside. Place the putter at the back of the ball with the help of your left hand. As your putter is parallel to your aim line, you can then easily place your right hand on the grip of the club.


2. Make Markers

Golfers can make the alignment markers on their putt to improve the shorter putts.
Usually, it is seen that right-handed golfers tilt their head to their right side. Thus, their site line does not go parallel to the putt path, which makes the stroke off the track. Make markers to avoid that.


3. Work on Your Body Frame

You should make sure that your body framework is lined up perpendicular to your putting path. If you have ever had golf lessons before, you must have heard your instructor using the expression “Set up square at address”. This actually refers to the need to adjust your posture, while preparing for the shot.


The body framework is extremely essential for a good calculated putt. It requires keeping your shoulders, knees, hips and feet in a straight line, parallel to your target line. Most vital in your arrangement is the alignment of your shoulders and your forearms, as they strongly decide the result of your shot and ultimatley your putting alignment.

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