5 Golf Tips To Lower Your Scores

So you want to lower your handicap?

You want that to happen this season?

You are tired of spending money on new Clubs, Gadgets, Balls… and more Balls?

So let me give you five tips for 2009. This isn’t Golf Instruction, (I’m not even going to mention the technical elements of your golf swing).

Just Five golf tips to lowers your scores and help you enjoy your game more.

Five golf tips from my observations as a golfer.


If you have never shot under 90 then you have got to, and I mean absolutely “Got To”, try playing the course for bogey. A Par 3 is a 4, a Par 4 is a 5 and a Par 5 is a 6. Get It? Just try it a for a couple of rounds. I dare you. I see so many people trying to hit to the extreme on every shot. Trying to carry a lake from a sloping lie out of a divot. Trying to hit a long iron to a narrow green with bunkers left and right. Stop doing it! Lay up, but lay up to a distance for a shot that you are much happier to take on.

Even on a long Par 3 of say 210 yards. Try hitting a wedge. Hitting another wedge to the green. Then two putt for a bogey. There is no shame in it. At the same time you will master your wedges more, and that’s where the money is made.


I have hardly ever played with anyone that could consistently hit either their 3 iron or 4 iron. I was one of them. So take them out of the bag and replace them with wedges. I carry 5 wedges in my bag, because when you get 100 Yards and in, it gets really difficult to hit from 90, 80, 70 and 60 Yards with only one or two wedges. You have to be a master. Which none of us mere mortal golfers are. After all that’s why you are still reading.


And I’m talking about every club in your bag. My game changed immensely, when I bought myself a range finder. For the first time I realized that I really had NO IDEA, how far I hit any of my clubs. So I grabbed my clubs, went to a local park and, using my new toy. I hit ball after ball after ball, just to get a real idea of the distance I hit each club.

Now PLEASE LISTEN. I’m talking my average distance per club. Not my best distance. I don’t want to be trying to hit 100% with every shot with every club. We are looking for consistency here. Do you know your distances? NO. Then grab a tape measure and get down the park.


I see and here so much negative thinking from a lot of golfers out there on the courses. The trouble is. It spoils their shots and that in turn spoils their game.

My Father is a fine example of this. He will walk up to a putt of 18 inches to 2 feet, and without fail he will say something like. “I hate these ones. I always miss them”

Guess what he does next folks. Yep! He misses it. We have all done it. Some of us still are. We look at the carry over the lake and in our mind we say “Please don’t go in the lake” But here’s how it works. Guess what the last thing our mind heard as were addressing that ball?” “IN THE LAKE” Without fail, that’s where it will end up.

Stop looking at Lakes, Ponds, Bunkers, etc. Only see your landing spot and visualize your balls flight to that point. If you really are not sure if you can carry the lake. Then you clearly did not READ TIP ONE


I have the same set of Mizuno Irons (EZ Comp circa 2000), that I’ve had for years. I wouldn’t change them for anything. Well maybe for some….NO GET A GRIP STEPHEN! New clubs aren’t going to make your game better. Not until you have got through Tips One to Five and mastered them. Yet I see guys every year with “THE LATEST GREATEST, SUPEREST DUPEREST” Driver in their Bag. They can a hit a ball into the trees with a lot more power this year. If you are going to spend money on ANYTHING this year. Make it some type of lesson.

Go to your local club and sign up for some One-On-One lessons with the Pro, or try out one of the many On-Line golf instruction programs that are available.In fact I’d rather you spent the ‘New Driver’ money on , a couple of books, a couple of DVD’s and a decent swing tempo gadget! You’re going to get far more out of these.

So get out there at least 2 times a week this year. Try my tips and let me know how you get on. Best Wishes to you all and thanks for reading.

Steve Snead

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Steve Snead Copyright 2009. In order to get the maximum game improvement from the above tips, you really need to have a good Golf Swing Tempo. If you’ve never worked on your Tempo and you ARE serious about your game, then you REALLY need to read my Golf Swing Aid article

Steve lives In Youngstown, Ohio, with his wife and 3 children. He is a 4 Handicapper and teaches golf to children of all ages.

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