Stop Hitting Fat Golf Shots

A common, yet embarrassing and sometimes painful problem golf players run into is hitting behind the golf ball. This is known as a fat golf shot and is commonly caused by moving during the time of the swing. Though the fat shot isn’t counted among the seven most terrifying golf shots that include…

(a) Pitch over a deep bunker;
(b) Approach Shot over water;
(c) Problematic half-wedge shot;
(d) Beginning hole tee off;
(e) Fairway bunker shot;
(f) Downhill four-footer and
(g) Follow up shank shot,

However fat golf shots are a problem, causing players to discover how to stop hitting fat golf shots.

Hitting behind the ball is not unusual for beginners who get frustrated and try to blame their club for hitting the ground instead of the golf ball. So do not get dissapointed if you end up hitting a fat golf shot, there are many other beginners out there who do this quite a bit as well.

Hitting fat shots has got very little to do with the clubs – the problem is for the most part in transferring body weight and/or wrong posture. The golf swing itself does not have alot to fat golf shots. For most fat golf shot cases the club hits the ground behind the ball, causing you to chunk the ball. Even though it’s embarrassing, it can be a fairly easy problem to cure.To stop hitting fat golf shots you just have to keep them in mind.

Here is a way you can stop hitting fat shots and it is described in a step by step way, which will sure help you solve the problem.

1.) Start out in your initial set-up position

2.) implement the backswing, stopping at the top of your swing

3.) Begin moving your hips toward the target and watch how your back shoulder dip is affected.

4.) Once you fix your shoulder dip so that you do not hit behind the ball continue to practice the swing.

5.) The problem is solved and there will be no more fat shots.

6.) Don’t indulge in as much lateral movement to keep from hitting fat shots.

The key to avoiding this problem is to keep your lower body out of the swing movement. Why not begin your downswing with your arms instead? Breaking any habit within your swing can be difficult, but with practice things will take a more natural turn.If you keep your hips still, this weight shift may still occur, but in a more or less natural way.

Also crucial would be to keep the front shoulder ‘down’ on the golf ball which will let you maintain the swing on the right plane. This will also help your hands synchronize with the rest of your body.

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