Do Golf Training Aids Really Work?

GAW LOGO 02Experts on the science of kinesthesiology state it takes 30 days of practice before the human body can learn a complex task where it becomes automatic, or habit.

The trouble is, how do you know you are performing the task correctly?

You need either a qualified golf instructor to watch you every day while you perform this task, or you can buy the right golf training aid that will accomplish this for you automatically.

The scary part is practicing the wrong movements for 30 days only engrains bad swing habits. The human kinesthetic system is quite remarkable – it will groove bad habits just as well as it grooves good ones.

The good news is there is an extremely effective golf training aid called the Maximus Weighted Driver.
Maximus Weighted Driver

The Maximus Weighted Driver is endorsed by top teaching pros around the country! Unlike golf training aids that use solid steel bars, the Maximus is a full length, hittable weighted trainer that is also a high quality golf club! The proprietary weighting provides a “Real Club” feel, and allows the golfer to actually hit balls with it on the range. With balancing to feel just like a standard club (but heavier), the golfer can go right from the range to the course with an improved golf swing!

I review golf training aids and I can say without a shadow of a doubt the Maximus Weighted Driver is the only golf training aid that not only loosens and strengthens up your golf muscles but also helps you groove a fundamentally sound golf swing.

I posted an article on my blog on how important it is to practice 30 days in order for a skill to be engrained in your subconscious, click here to check out that article.

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