Best Cure For A Slice In Golf – 1 Tip and 1 Tool!

This article will offer you the best cure for a slice in golf. However, I will offer two alternatives, because some people simply need a good swing “thought” to get them hitting it straight and slice-free, whereas others need to “feel” the right swing- No matter how much instruction, it will never click until they feel that perfect swing.

Swing Tip To Cure The Slice – Hold a Tray Like a Waiter? Next time you take a look at the top of Tiger Woods’ golf swing, take note that his right elbow is pointed straight to the ground…ABSOLUTELY straight. This is the position your right elbow needs to be in. A way to simply think about this is picture holding a tray of food in your right hand at the top of the back swing. This isn’t just Tiger…many good swings will have this right elbow position at the top of the back swing.

Slicers of the golf ball will usually have a right elbow that is pointed backwards, or “flared out”. So if you were holding the tray of food, it would fall forward onto the ground. A perfect position on the back swing will have you holding the tray steady and upright.

Try this simple tip and watch the ball straighten and fly much further.

Swing Tool to cure the slice – Feel The Right Swing With A Training Aid. Often times no matter how many great swing thoughts you may have, the swing just never feels right. Then we doubt the advice given to us. We all go through slumps like this at times…a whole bucket of balls and not one good shot! Why not try a swing training aid to force you to swing correctly?

The Medicus dual-hinge technology is a great example of a simple training aid to help you hit it straight immediately. This is just a club that you can keep in your bag and use for every practice session. It gives instant feedback because you can’t even hit a ball with it unless you swing correctly!

Whether a swing thought like keeping the right elbow upright or using a swing training aid, the best slice cure in golf is what works for you.

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