Golf Short Game Plays Major Role in your Golf Score

Your golf short game plays a major role in your golf score. It is estimated that sixty percent or more of your score comes from your golf short game.  So the better you pitch and chip the ball, the quicker you will see your golf scores drop.

Here are some solid golf short game tips and golf practice drills to accelerate the development of your golf short game.

Golf Short Game Tip One: Chipping Ladder Drill

This golf short game tip helps aid chipping distance control.

1.Start ten feet from the putting surface fringe and place tees at two-foot intervals up to cup.
2.From the fringe, chip to the first tee, then continue chipping to the subsequent tees varying the clubs you use for chipping as well as the chipping distances.

Golf Short Game Tip Two: Chip to Target Drill

This golf short game tip helps aid chipping accuracy.

1.Place one or more targets (e.g., towel, hoop) on green between you and cup.
2.From the fringe, land your chip shots within the targets; vary placement of the targets.

Golf Short Game Tip Three: Pitch Shot Contact Drill

This golf short game tip encourages a downward blow on the golf ball for solid pitch shots.

1.Place two tees, two inches behind the golf ball with only the top of the tees visible.
2.Take a downward blow on ball making crisp contact while avoiding hitting the tees.

Golf Short Game Tip Four: Pitch to Target Drill

This golf short game tip helps with golf pitch shot accuracy.

1.Place four or more targets on your practice area at various distances ranging from twenty to sixty yards away.
2.Take your golf pitch shot setup.  Pitch balls to each target using your normal golf pitch shot club.
3.Hit several shots in a row for each target while making note of the backswing length you need to hit each golf ball successfully to each marker.  For example, note if you bring your backswing back a quarter of the way to hit a 30 yard pitch shot, halfway back to hit a 50 yard pitch shot or three quarters back for a 60 yard pitch shot.

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