The Mental Golf Psychology For Draining Short Putts

The Mental Golf Psychology For Draining Short Putts

Here’s a simple 1, 2, 3 golf psychology for draining short putts

If you’re missing your share of short putts, you’re probably decelerating your putterhead before impact.

‘Accelerating’ means your clubhead is moving with increasing speed as you stroke through the ball.

It’s a critical element of every shot, from driving to putting.

Here’s the three step golf psychology to accelerate through your putts.

1. Get A Grip

when putting, use a left-hand low grip (for right-handers). This unusual putting grip forces you to accelerate through the stroke.

It also prevents your hands from releasing too much and keeps your putterhead square to the target line through impact.

2. Perfect Your Acceleration Technique

Find a hole on the practice green that requires a flat, straight putt. Place a sand wedge perpendicular to the line of the intended putt.

Place the club’s face down and the narrow part of the shaft in front of the hole, just at the cup’s edge.

Now putt the ball from three feet or so. Hit the putt so the ball hits the shaft, pops into the air, and falls in the hole.

If you decelerate the putterhead through the stroke, the club stops the ball from going in.

If you accelerate through the stroke, the club drives the ball over the shaft and falls in.

3. Narrow Your Putting Focus

Narrow your focus when putting. Instead of concentrating on the hole, zero in on an

imperfection at the back of the cup or a mark on the inside of it.

Then stroke the putt toward that spot.

After practicing this drill, try it on the course. When putting, visualize the wedge’s shaft in front of the hole. Visualizing fosters acceleration.

It keeps you connected to the process of putting, not the outcome,which will take pressure off you so you can sink more putts.

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