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If you’re like me you love to golf but hate to practice.  Practice somehow isn’t the “fun” part of golf but it is one of the more important components to becoming a better golfer and obtaining a more consistent golf swing.  It’s often difficult to find the time to play golf, let alone practice.  The time I do make for the practice range I want to be productive and useful to the overall end result…Lower my Handicap!  I will mention a few of my favorite methods for useful practice at the driving range.  Hopefully you will find them beneficial to you.

Find Your Yardage

It goes without saying how important it is to know exactly how far you’re hitting each club.  The pros know within a yard or two where they are able to land the ball for each club; there’s a good reason they are the pros!  Average players tend to lean on equipment for this key piece of information.  GPS and rangefinders are very popular nowadays and they will accurately tell you how far away you are from your intended target.  What they won’t do though is hit the shot.  Knowing exactly how much distance you need to hit the shot will only help you if you know exactly which club will get you there.  Dedicate a day at the range to creating a yardage card for each club in your bag…you won’t believe how much it will help your score.

Video Tape Your Swing

One of the best ways to improve your swing is by videotaping your swing while you practice at the driving range.  I know it’s embarrassing but it works.  It’s amazing what you can see in your own swing from a different perspective.  TIP: Make sure the camera is on a tripod or held at “belt-buckle” height; positioned directly down the target line (this is the best angle to check all of the important swing positions).  You can also take the video to your local pro or even submit it to some websites for critique and feedback.  Try to keep a video diary of your swing during the course of a summer and focus on the areas you’re having problems with.

Take an Instructional Aid

I also like to take some instructional aids with me for useful practice at the driving range.  I have a few videos and E-books on my smart phone that I can play right there on the range…use all of that great technology to your advantage!  I usually try to work on one specific aspect of my game each time I visit the range, whether it’s ball position, grip, takeaway, or tempo.  I find that if I try to do everything in one session I get overloaded and don’t benefit from my practice session.

Alternate Shot Routine

When taking the time for useful practice at the driving range don’t forget to take care of your body.  I like to start with about 5-10 minutes of warm-up stretches to help with flexibility and to prevent strains.  Stretch your back, arms, shoulders, and legs (legs are often overlooked in pre-golf stretches).  Once you’re loose, start with simple smooth chip shots. I hit a dozen or so balls this way, making sure I have good contact with the ball and keep my tempo smooth and fluid. Once I have a good feel of my swing I start to alternate wedges with irons, then wedges with the driver. The reason for alternating each practice shot is because that’s exactly what you will do when you play your round of golf.  Try to focus on a very small target on the range and go through your normal pre-shot routines for each shot.  Maintain useful practice at the driving range and you will see the results on the course.

Useful practice at the driving range will also help build your confidence, which is also remarkably important to a solid golf swing, and lower score.  Try to maintain a consistent practice schedule or at least hit the range before your round, you’ll be surprised how much more confidence you’ll have with your swing.  Build your confidence, better your swing and improve your game.

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