Wedges Will Lower Your Golf Score Today!

Virtually all iron sets can be bought together with a pitching wedge, so many players grow at ease with the standard 52-degree (or less) pitching wedge before they ever pick up one of its more lofted counterparts. That’s too bad, simply because gap, sand and also lobe wedges add an important scoring aspect as well as might even be easier to hit. States Shane Sanchez PGA head golf professional at Rhodes Ranch Golf Club.

He also states that together with practice and a smooth swing, anyone can send shots high into the air and also land them softly onto the putting surface. When a bunker or creek sits between your ball and the cup, the loft of these kind of wedges permits you to concentrate more on the pin than the hazard and more on the benefits of a high quality shot than the consequences of a poor one.

Nearly all players know how far they can hit a ball along with each club whenever taking a full swing from an excellent lie. But when a situation calls for a forty-yard pitch to a shielded green, many players discover themselves simply unprepared to set up for their shot with certainty. Suggests the PGA head golf professional.

Shane Sanchez states at the driving range, rather than spending the whole time blasting away together with full swings, get in touch along with your wedges by taking various types of swings. This will allow you to see as well as feel how the ball comes off each club and how the height, trajectory and distance vary together with each loft.

Pick out a target like the fifty-yard marker as well as try to land shots as close to it as possible together with all wedges. Whenever it’s time to face challenging pitches in the middle of a round. Maybe a high lob that needs to land between a creek as well as steep ridge. You will have the self-assurance to attack the hole with any of the wedges in your bag.

Players lacking self-confidence in their wedge play often chop down on the ball around the greens, mostly because they fear striking the ball too hard from such close distance to the pin. They drive the head of their wedge directly down toward the ball and also either stick it into the ground behind the ball resulting in a chunked shot or even skull it clear across the green in any direction.

Picture sweeping the clubhead directly underneath the ball while keeping your hands ahead of the clubhead at all times. This allows the loft of the club to pop the ball into the air, while you do your job by delivering a smooth as well as firm stroke that “speeds up” through the ball. Shane Sanchez states your scores can’t help but improve.

For more tips and also details on the short game or any other aspects of the golf swing, please see your local club pro.

Shane Sanchez is the PGA head golf professional at Rhodes Ranch Golf Club. He was named PGA Professional of the Year, Las Vegas Chapter of the PGA, in 1997 and Professional of the Year, Southern Nevada Golf Association, in 1998. Sanchez served on the Las Vegas Chapter board of directors from 1997-2002 as well as has served on the Southern Nevada Sports Hall of Fame board of directors since 1997

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